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The Importance of ASTM Testing?

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The Importance of ASTM Testing?

In a previous post, I answered the question, What is ASTM Testing? And in that post, I also share some of the tests used to validate product performance in the roof rejuvenation space. But I noticed that the post didn’t dive deep enough. As I interact with more contractors and clients nationwide, I find the topic of ASTM testing warrants greater understanding. We will start with a little background.

What is ASTM Testing?

ASTM International is the American Society for Testing and Materials. A globally recognized organization that develops and publishes standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. These standards serve as guidelines and benchmarks for quality, performance, and safety across various industries, including the roofing sector. The credibility of ASTM standards stems from their rigorous development process, which involves the input of industry experts and stakeholders from around the world.

ASTM testing methods certify shingles throughout the United States. This means that GAF, Tamko, Atlas, etc… determine the performance of their shingles through the testing methods developed by ASTM. As a result, when testing roof rejuvenation products, ASTM testing is the only valid methodology.

The ASTM logo
The ASTM logo. Here is a detailed overview from ASTM International


What ASTM Testing Provides?

By standardizing methods across the roof restoration industry, ASTM provides:

  1. Quality Assurance – ASTM standards provide strict guidelines to ensure quality, setting minimum requirements for product performance. These guidelines act as a quality control mechanism, enabling manufacturers to produce high-quality products that meet consumers’ expectations consistently.
  2. Performance Comparison – ASTM testing allows for an objective comparison between various roof rejuvenation products. By testing all products against the same set of standards, consumers can make informed decisions based on a product’s performance in specific areas, such as water resistance, UV protection, and longevity. This uniform approach to testing and evaluation ensures that consumers can easily compare products to find the best fit for their needs.
  3. Industry Benchmarking – ASTM standards serve as a benchmark for the entire industry, helping roofing professionals, contractors, and consumers evaluate various products’ quality and performance. Providing a clear and uniform set of guidelines, ASTM standards create a level playing field for manufacturers. Holding all products to the same high quality and performance standards.
  4. Certification – Compliance with ASTM standards is a mark of quality by industry professionals, including building inspectors, architects, and contractors.
Are other testing methods valid?

In short … not really. There are countless anecdotal tests. But the reality is that roof rejuvenation products need to be tested by scientific and repeatable methods.

This is important to remember when comparing products. Roof rejuvenation is an emerging market. Most of the established brands are ASTM-tested and work to varying degrees. But there are a growing number of startups that aren’t ASTM certified.

If you are a homeowner looking to rejuvenate your roof, or a contractor, looking to offer roof rejuvenation services to your clients, make sure to ask about the ASTM testing. You can easily sort the offerings on the market with that one simple question.


Consumers have confidence in their choice by selecting ASTM-tested products. Knowing that they are investing in a solution that has been rigorously evaluated and validated by an independent body. This adherence to industry standards not only guarantees a high-quality product but also contributes to the continued growth and innovation within the roof rejuvenation market, resulting in more effective and environmentally friendly solutions for maintaining and extending the life of our roofs.

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