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Revolutionize Your Roof Restoration Business with Roof Shield

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Revolutionize Your Roof Restoration Business with Roof Shield

The roof restoration industry has seen significant advancements in recent years, and Roof Shield is leading the charge with its innovative treatment system. Designed to clean and restore asphalt shingle roofs, Roof Shield extends the lifespan of roofs, eliminates costly replacements, and offers an attractive business opportunity for entrepreneurs. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of Roof Shield’s unique product, Roof Reboot, as well as the benefits of our comprehensive training, user-friendly equipment, and flexible business model.

Roof Reboot Advantages:

Roof Reboot is a game-changing solution that restores asphalt shingle properties to new or better-than-new condition. With Roof Reboot, shingles regain their pliability and flexibility, preventing cracks and curling by allowing them to expand and contract with daily thermal changes. Our product also enhances impact resistance, offering protection against weather damage such as hail and fallen limbs. Granule adhesion is improved, retaining the top layer of granules that safeguard both the shingle and the home. Additionally, Roof Reboot restores vapor barrier resistance, making aged, semi-permeable shingles impermeable again and effectively stopping water penetration. Lastly, Roof Reboot enhances the color of the roof, restoring its appearance.

Roof Reboot is also environmentally friendly, being 98% USDA Bio Preferred, which makes it the greenest roof rejuvenator available. And our product comes in easy-to-handle 55-gallon drums, as opposed to the competition’s 270-gallon totes that require special equipment and handling.

Training and Equipment Advantages:

Roof Shield Academy provides comprehensive training, teaching soft washing and roof rejuvenation from the ground up to users of all skill levels. Our efficient and user-friendly application equipment is over 75% lighter than the competition, simple to use, and maintenance-free. Roof Shield equipment allows for easy switching between soft washing and rejuvenation with just a simple switch. In addition, our equipment mixes the product in-line at the application site, reducing carry weight.

Business Model Advantages:

Roof Shield offers a flexible business model with no restrictive territories or monthly fees, allowing Roof Shield Certified Applicators to pursue work on their terms. Our system is compact and efficient, integrating with existing soft wash trailers, rigs, or skids, and scalable to a fully branded Roof Shield equipment trailer. This high-margin, low-overhead startup opportunity is suitable as a stand-alone business or as an addition to existing operations.

In summary, Roof Shield provides an innovative and eco-friendly solution for roof restoration, backed by extensive lab testing, efficient and easy-to-use equipment, flexible business options, and comprehensive training. This makes Roof Shield an attractive choice for entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their roof restoration services while addressing all the key aspects of the process.

The Roof Shield system is easy to use, handle, and manage and is a great stand-alone or add-on service.
The Roof Shield system is easy to use, handle, and manage and is a great stand-alone or add-on service.

 If you are a roofer, soft washer, or entrepreneur looking to enter the fast-growing asphalt shingle rejuvenation market? Roof Shield sells to and trains applicators to service homeowners nationwide. Contact Roof Shield today.

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