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What is Roof Shield? Unveiling the Protection Your Home Needs

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What is Roof Shield? Unveiling the Protection Your Home Needs

Roofing is essential to any building, be it a residential home or a commercial structure. Over the years, innovations in the roofing industry have led to the introduction of various materials and systems that enhance the overall performance and durability of roofs. One such innovation is Roof Shield. In this blog post, we will explore what Roof Shield is, its benefits, and why you should consider Roof Shield for your home.

What is Roof Shield?

Roof Shield is a process by which old and aging asphalt shingles are restored to their original performance to extend the service life of the roof. This is accomplished through a two-step process. First, the roof is cleaned through a gentle soft washing process. Removing any streaking, mold, and algae. Next, the roof is restored with Roof Shield’s proprietary asphalt shingle roof rejuvenator. This rejuvenator is called Roof Reboot and absorbs into the shingles to restore the shingle’s properties from the inside out.

What are the Benefits of Roof Reboot by Roof Shield?

Roof Reboot is the only roof rejuvenator lab tested to restore the performance of a 15-year-old shingle back to the performance of a new shingle. A single application of Roof Reboot will address the causes of shingle failure:

  • Restoring the shingle’s pliability. Shingles dry out and become brittle as they age, making them more prone to damage from storms and temperature changes.
  • Stops granule loss. Granules are the top layer of the shingle, and as the shingle losses granules, it loses its resistance to damage.
  • Improves impact resistance. After restoring pliability and granule adhesion, the shingle becomes much less likely to damage by hail and strong storms.
  • Restores vapor resistance. Vapor resistance is the amount of moisture a shingle will let through. After the Roof Shield process, the shingle will go from a semi-permeable rating to an impermeable rating.
  • Color enhancement. As the dry shingles absorb Roof Reboot, you will see a dramatic change in shingle color. Making the roof look years younger and improving curb appeal.

Roof Reboot is a valuable product that offers several key benefits to homeowners, including restoring the pliability of aging shingles, preventing granule loss, and improving impact resistance. Making roofs better protected against damage from storms, hail, and weather changes. Additionally, Roof Reboot enhances vapor resistance, turning old shingles from semi-permeable back to impermeable, effectively preventing moisture penetration. Lastly, this process rejuvenates the appearance of dry shingles, making roofs look years younger and significantly improving curb appeal.

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Why Roof Shield?

Roof Shield is the manufacturer and exclusive distributor of Roof Reboot and has taken the process of roof rejuvenation, repair, and restoration to the next level. We have integrated a comprehensive suite of cleaning solutions into our package through the ‘Clean-Restore-Protect’ program to give homeowners the best results possible every time. And every Roof Shield applicator is extensively trained, licensed, and insured, making Roof Shield the number-one choice for asphalt shingle rejuvenation and life extension.

The proof speaks for itself. Roof Shield can take your aging roof from old, tired, and dirty to cleaned, restored, and protected in a single day. Check it out for yourself.

Before and after of the Roof Shield process. From dirty and brittle to cleaned and restored. Adding years of life to the roof.
Before and after the Roof Shield process. From dirty and brittle to cleaned and restored. Adding years of life to the roof.

Are you a roofer, soft washer, or entrepreneur looking to enter the fast-growing asphalt shingle rejuvenation market? Roof Shield sells to and trains applicators to service homeowners nationwide. Contact Roof Shield today.

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