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The Roof Shield Process

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The Roof Shield Process

The Roof Shield process is something we call ‘Clean-Restore-Protect.’ It is a two-step process that cleans the roof through soft washing and then restores/protects it through roof rejuvenation and reconditioning. And as we step through the process, you will quickly see why our process produces superior results every time.

Clean (Soft Washing)

Step 1, or ‘Clean,’ is where the Roof Shield applicator will neutralize any organic matter on the roof through a process called soft washing. Soft Washing uses a bio-degradable chemical with a low-pressure application that kills the growth that eats the limestone in asphalt shingles. These growths are lichens, moss, algae, and a bacterium, Gloecapsa Magma, which is responsible for the black streaks you see in humid climates. Check out (Why is My Roof Turning Black?) to find out more.

The advantages of soft washing before roof rejuvenation are two-fold. First, by neutralizing and then removing black streaks from the roof, the final result after rejuvenation is greatly improved, resulting in a roof that looks virtually new. Second, by removing organics and dirt from the roof, the shingle absorbs the rejuvenator more readily.

More on product absorption later, but I want to highlight why soft washing before rejuvenation is so important. Roof rejuvenation products will enhance the colors of the roof. If a roof has black streaks, aka inconsistent color, the streaks will also be enhanced. The effect is akin to changing the contrast on a television. Our competitors do not see this as an issue and will either skip soft washing altogether, tell homeowners the streaks will fade in time, or subcontract the roof cleaning to a third party. This is counter to ensuring that homeowners have the best results and experience possible after roof rejuvenation. This is why Roof Shield applicators are comprehensively trained in both soft washing and roof rejuvenation to ensure superior results every time.

Here’s an example of how powerful and dramatic the Roof Shield process is on a dirty roof.
Restore/Protect (Roof Rejuvenation)

Step 2, or ‘Restore/Protect,’ is to apply Roof Shield’s asphalt shingle rejuvenation product, Roof Reboot. Unlike other brands, Roof Shield is the developer and manufacturer of Roof Reboot, a product that restores asphalt shingle performance to new. Roof Reboot will restore a shingle’s flexibility, impact resistance, water resistance (vapor transmission), and granule retention by absorbing into the shingle and replacing the chemicals that have leached out over the years.


Roof rejuvenation is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to extend their roof’s life and avoid the hassle and large costs associated with a full roof replacement. As you can see, Roof Shield’s process of ‘Clean-Restore-Protect’ ensures optimal results every time. So if you are a homeowner looking to save money and time and want to quit worrying about that aging roof, contact a Roof Shield applicator.

If you are a roofer, soft washer, or entrepreneur, Roof Shield is selling to and training applicators to service homeowners nationwide. Contact Roof Shield today to join the fast-growing roof rejuvenation and reconditioning sector.

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