Asphalt shingles can be restored without being replaced.


In an industry as competitive as roofing, differentiating your business from the crowd is crucial. With increasing demand for sustainable and cost-effective solutions, roof rejuvenation services have emerged as a promising niche. Roof Shield, a pioneer in this field, offers a roof rejuvenation service that can significantly extend the life of a roof. Incorporating this into your portfolio as an add-on service can boost your revenue, client retention, and market standing.

The Appeal of Roof Rejuvenation by Roof Shield

Roof Shield’s rejuvenation service breathes new life into aging roofs. Utilizing an innovative, scientifically-proven solution, Roof Shield can effectively restore a roof’s flexibility, sustainability, and durability, while improving its overall appearance. This unique service presents a host of benefits that make it an attractive proposition for homeowners and an advantageous add-on for roofing contractors:

  1. Extended Roof Life: By rejuvenating existing roofs, Roof Shield can significantly prolong their lifespan. This allows homeowners to defer costly roof replacement, which is an appealing proposition.
  2. Environmentally Friendly: Roof rejuvenation is a greener alternative to a full roof replacement, reducing landfill waste. This eco-friendly aspect resonates with the growing number of consumers committed to sustainable living.
  3. Cost-Effective: Roof Shield’s rejuvenation service is typically less expensive than a complete roof replacement, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious homeowners.

Integrating Roof Rejuvenation into Your Service Portfolio

To integrate Roof Shield’s rejuvenation service into your business model, follow these steps:

  1. Understand the Process: Before offering this service, ensure that you and your team fully comprehend the rejuvenation process, its benefits, and potential challenges.
  2. Training: Arrange for your team to undergo training to master the application of Roof Shield’s rejuvenation product.
  3. Marketing: Update your marketing materials to highlight this new service. Explain its benefits to your clientele in your newsletters, social media posts, and on your website.
  4. Quality Service: As with any service you offer, ensure top-notch quality to foster customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  5. Request Referrals: Satisfied customers are the best advertisement. Encourage clients to spread the word about your rejuvenation service.


Roof rejuvenation by Roof Shield presents a golden opportunity for roofing contractors to diversify their offerings. This service addresses key customer concerns such as roof longevity, environmental impact, and cost, making it an ideal add-on. As a roofing contractor, incorporating this into your services can drive business growth, boost client satisfaction, and reinforce your position in the market. In the dynamic landscape of the roofing industry, embracing such innovative services is a smart move towards future success.

Roof Shield applicator spraying the asphalt shingle rejuvenator, Roof Reboot, on a client's roof.
The Roof Shield process ends with the application of our proprietary asphalt shingle rejuvenator, Roof Reboot. Extending the life of the roof.

Are you a roofer, soft washer, or entrepreneur looking to enter the fast-growing asphalt shingle rejuvenation market? Roof Shield sells to and trains applicators to service homeowners nationwide. Contact Roof Shield today.

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